Artist Statement:

I love to express visually what I feel, to experience shape and line. I feel calm and a sense of belonging when I mould the canvas to convey my emotions.


I have had a passion for art my whole life.
As a child I watched my mother, a ballerina, dance from the wings of the stage. I loved the lines in the dancers bodies. The gentle but powerful movements, I wanted to capture each movement through art.

I loved figure drawing and most of my earlier works depicted the human figures and represented love and belonging.

I studied art at the Toronto School of Art, Canada. The schools emphasis was on freedom and finding each students natural ability rather than dictating technique. After observing my method, one instructor, who was truly my mentor suggested that perhaps when I thought I was looking at the lines in a figure or shape I was actually looking at the space around the form. What a difference this made, I began to focus on the negative space and carve out the form. Now, I could now really feel my subject matter.

As I became more interested in the space surrounding  the form I decide to enrol in the International Academy of Design and Technology and study Interior Design. The instruction here appealed to me on a different level, I still loved to paint and gradually my work became more structured, less about the lines in the human form and more about creating the same momentum by moulding the canvas with blocks and layers of colour and texture.

As my journey progresses I am constantly growing and always finding my self.
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